Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School Can Bum Out your Best Friend

With the summer coming to a close, the crazy households of summer vacation will come to a quiet halt and peace will fill your homes.  As we are sure, many of you are happy to get back to the swing of school, there is one family member that might feel a little bummed out.

 ...And that's your pup.
Best Buddies Forever.

Your school-age children have spent countless hours with the family pup all summer long,
but now school will be in session, and the house is once again empty, don't forget that our four-legged friends might begin to feel a little lonely without the fun non-stop action that is summertime.

What to do?
While you are out filling up your cart with notebooks, crayons, and glue sticks...stop by and pick up some back to school supplies for your pup too!  We recommend activity-based safe toys to keep your pup entertained while transitioning into having a lot more alone time.  Being mindful of this transition can certainly save your couch, pillows, or even a few shoes.  We have just gotten in Nylon tough Fido Bones made in Michigan!  Or try leaving your pup with one of our puzzle games, to keep their minds sharp while they are home alone.

Take some nice long walks.
When the time is best for your schedule, go out and enjoy the beautiful changing seasons with a nice long walk.  The extra outdoor air and exercise will also help relieve that pent-up energy that has been adding to the craziness and fun of your past summer.  We recommend the Cleveland Metroparks;  there are so many beautiful paths to walk and'll never get bored.

  All in all, just don't forget your favorite fur friend throughout this household transition, your pup and your shoes will thank you for it!