Saturday, March 29, 2014

Woof Bark and Bid Event

Woof, Bark, and Bid 
Supporting Multiple Breed Rescue
*Saturday April 5th*
**Event is at Vermilion Amvets 

This is a great and FUN fundraiser for Multiple Breed Rescue. It is an auction type event with lots of goodies up for grabs! You can win some great items, plus the vendors will have tables setup with items for sale!

They will also have a potluck and cash bar!
Invite your friend, family, coworkers - This is a fun an exciting event for all!
Here's how the auction works:
You purchase at least one numbered paddle upon arrival.  All items available to win will be showcased upfront and listed on a handout. When an item comes up that you want to win, you place a quarter in a bowl at your table and then you hold up your numbered paddle(s). If your number is called, you win!  Visit their website for more information!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Ingredients are the BEST for your best friend!

 It's true....we like to brag about the organic local
ingredients we use for our hand made dog treats, and the local produce we grow or buy when it's in season.  
Did you know we also use local cage free eggs for  all of our recipes?  

How local?  

Why...Right out back!  

We have 2 roosters and 24 hens that do their part to keep our ingredients fresh and local. We feed our chickens a vegetarian diet, a combination of layer mash and whatever is ripe in the garden. We have too many predators in the neighborhood to let the chickens free range, instead we use electrified poultry netting. It's light and easy to move, so we move the girls to fresh ground every few weeks.  

Folks have asked if we slaughter and eat our chickens after their egg laying days are over, the answer is no. Our chickens die of old age, because even if they aren't laying eggs they do make their contribution to the compost pile for the garden. Chickens have their own social structure, and they are fun to watch as they go about their daily business.  

We are hoping one of the girls is in the mood to raise some chicks this spring, making our flock self sustaining. We will keep you updated and post pictures of any babies we get!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Helping out our local rescue groups

This month, in lieu of Rescue Sunday, we are participating in events for Fido's Companion, Friendship APL, Love A Stray, Multiple Breed Rescue and Erie Shores Greyhound Adoption of Ohio. 

Watch our event calendar and Facebook for event postings to support these hard working rescue groups...  

Help us Help them!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fresh from our ovens: Treats!

Treats are an important part of your dog's life, from small, tasty training treats to reward your new
puppy for learning to "I love you" treats for your adult dog. Treats are a big part of what we do at the Bakery. We are always looking for ways to make those tasty treats a healthy addition to your dog's diet.

Should treats replace food? 
Can they be a healthy adjunct? 
Absolutely yes.

Last Fall we proudly announced we were switching to Organic flours and brans in our recipes. This means no chemical pesticides or fertilizers and no GMO grains. Last summer we brought in a line of treats using locally grown fruits and berries, some we grew ourselves and some we bought from local organic growers. We are going to do that again this year, so look for seasonal treats reflecting what is available around us. We are blessed to be in an area with many local growers so we can bring your pup the best and freshest local ingredients.

For the pups that prefer a meat treat we carry several great lines of all meat choices. Bravo is an   Bare Bites makes a dehydrated beef liver treat that even the pickiest dogs love. These treats are a healthy addition to your dog's diet.
American company that uses North American ingredients for their freeze dried treats. Barkworthies is another one that has a wide range of protein sources, as is Grandma Lucy's and Stella &Chewys.

We are frequently asked why we don't bake treats for cats. 
Cats are obligate carnivores, they need all meat treats. We carry a full line of cat treats from great companies. Bare Bites liver treats are great for cats, Bravo, Grandma Lucy's and Stella & Chewys have healthy treats your cat will love.

There has been a lot of publicity about treat recalls and treats causing illness or death in pets. We can promise you that you won't find anything on our shelves with ingredients from foreign countries with low or no standards. The companies we use source their ingredients from North America or countries that hold to the European Standard. 

Everything we have is something we are comfortable feeding to our dogs and cat. 

Pet Nutrition Class

Pet Nutrition Class
Sunday, March 16th  4-5:30PM

Supplement Your Current Food with Fresh, Whole Foods to Enhance Nutritional Value
Unity Center
23855 Detroit Rd,  Westlake,  OH
Class Fee: $25.00

In this class, you will learn how to go even further by enhancing your high quality base food with whole foods and supplements. Create meals that go beyond 'adequate' to 'optimal' nutrition standards.  This class is taught by Beyond the Bag Nutrition.
Please visit their official website to learn a little more.  Register for this class by contacting Beyond the Bag Nutrition via their website (www.beyondthebagnutrition) or by emailing them directly:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring has Sprung in the Bakery!

Warmin' up at the Bakery
Turkey Tulips

That's right, spring has sprung at Grateful Dog Bakery, with new tasty treats in store, and more delectable concoctions on the way.  Have your pup try our Nutter Butter Daisies, Turkey Tulips, or our Spring Chicken Peeps!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Join us for a Zentangle Art Class

Zentangle Art Class
March 9th
12-4 PM
Interested in learning about Zentangle? Sue Olsen CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) will guide you through the method of Zentangle; an interesting, fun, relaxing art form. During the 4 hour class you will learn the basics of Zentangle, you will create a traditional Zentangle and you will also create a beautiful Zentangle of your pet. Included in the cost is a mini Zentangle kit to take home.  
When you call to sign up please provide us with the breed of your pet. Call 440-353-1990 to register.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Rescue Sundays

Rescue Sundays
Shop on Sunday and help out a rescue group!  A portion of each and every Sunday sale will be donated to RescueK911
Our rescue group for March Rescue Sundays is Rescue K911 Bully Breed Rescue Group! This dedicated group of volunteers works to rescue and rehome the bully breeds, pulling dogs from kill shelters to give them the chance of a forever home. 

We have met some of their dogs at events, these dogs are truly ambassadors for their breeds!  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Milkbone Mania! Come out and support!

Milkbone Mania 
Sunday, March 2nd 
12-3 PM
The event is will feature a 50/50 raffle, Quarter Mania, vendors and a Kona kissing booth!  It is being held at German's Villa, 3330 Liberty Rd in Vermilion. We will be there with our delectable handmade treats and other goodies to make your pup or kitty thrilled that you went!
Benefits Safe Harbor Rescue Group...Bring a roll of quarters for a good cause!

For more information check out their Facebook page by clicking here!