Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from one of our friends~

Mojito sent us a pic of not-being-so-naughty with our 
over-sized handcrafted peanut butter bone!
Merry Christmas to all of our 
Grateful Dogs out there, 
and here's wishing you a merriest and 
HEALTHY Holiday Season!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shop local, Competitive pricing is where it's at!

We are a little off the beaten path but you will see we are well worth the drive with the quality of items we have in-store!

We have lowered prices on Fromm pet foods and you will see we are very competitively priced on the other brands we carry.

We have our own special in store Frequent Buyer programs that you can't find anywhere on Stella & Chewys Freeze Dried or Frozen foods and Dr Gary's Best Breed cat and dog foods. 
We also participate in the manufacturers frequent buyers programs on the other brands we carry.

We have a full line of frozen and dehydrated raw diets and have just brought in the Dogswell Livewell line of canned foods and kibble. 

Livewell has the lowest glycemic index of any non prescription pet diet, perfect for diabetic dogs! Rated 5 stars by the Dog Food Advisor, Livewell is a healthy choice for all dogs, whether diabetic or not.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Santa is coming to the bakery! Bring your pets for pics!

Pet Photos With Santa!

Sunday, Dec. 8th
Sunday Dec. 15th
Benefits PetResQ
Santa will be visiting the bakery both of these dates with two volunteer professional photographers for this great fundraiser!   The fee is $8 for a 4x6 framed print. We will also post photos on Facebook so you can share them from our site. All proceeds will benefit Pet ResQ. Learn more about this wonderful rescue group on their website!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Freshly baked up for your pup!

We've got loads of handcrafted treats baked daily that are grrrreat gifts for your pup or pups in your family.  We like to sneak them on a decorative plate and see the first human sneak a bite.  Although totally safe for humans, our treats don't have the sweet factor your tastebuds are looking for in a cookie.  Beware if you're coming to our house for the holiday~ ha!
To ensure delivery in time for Christmas, please order by Dec. 20th!

Carob Mittens and Stockings
These adorable treats will be sure to keep your pup wanting more!  We use our yummy carob treat recipe, and decorate them with vanilla yogurt and sprinkle with seasonal colors! Whole Wheat.

Peanut Butter Oat Stars
Safe for pups with Wheat Allergies!
These yummy hypoallergenic peanut butter treats are made with oat flour and are absolutely delish to your pup's palate!  All ingredients are from sustainable farms and baked up for your special pooch!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Online Store Ordering Deadline in time for Christmas!

For our pet parents across the country, we just wanted to let you know to ensure holiday delivery,
please place your orders by December 20th.
We have a ton of toys, chews, and of course, hand crafted holiday snacks to choose from!
Let us help you stuff those stockings with the healthiest and highest-quality items for your best friend!
Check out our online store!

Gift Cards For The Pet Parent

Gift Cards are Available! 

Yes, we have gift cards...

And you can get them in ANY amount to gift to your friend who loves their dog or cat for a grrrreat and purrrrfect gift! 

Stop in the store to pick one up, or call us and we can mail with a special message to a Furry Friend you love for a jolly good surprise!

Under the tree and in the stocking!

Hand-Crafted Goodies are perfect for stockings and under the tree!

We are baking up a storm and Sue is working her magic on the decorating! We have gift boxes of our yummy hand made treats available, all you need to add is a gift tag and a bow!

Gift boxes are available in large and small sizes and there is also a gluten free option for the allergic pups on your shopping list!

We have 8 inch peanut butter Naughty and Nice bones available in gift boxes or cellophane wrapped singles...... or get a gift box with one of each because we know our pups are a bit of both!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wintery Mint: Available in store and online!

Orbee-Tuff Mint

While decking our Grateful walls, we have added a bunch of seasonal fun for your pup.  But, as anything we carry, we make sure the product is a good one:  safe and strong for your pup.  That is why we love toys from Planet Dog.  All of their tough-stuff is non-toxic and safe for your pup.

Amongst a nice selection of these Planet Dog toys, we have the Orbee-tuff mint.  It's made in the USA, durable, bouncy, and minty!  What a great combination!

Check it out by clicking the button to view it, or stop in the store and pick one up for your pup!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Do you have a Naughty Pup this year?

Has your pup made his or her way to the Naughty List?

 We have just the item for under the tree...a lump of coal.

We had to chuckle when ordering this Orbee Tuff Dog Toy from Planet Dog.
It's a good thing pups don't know the meaning of this fun bounce around play toy:  they'll keep playing and you can keep laughing to yourself.

It's okay to admit it, we do....

Monday, December 2, 2013

Keep them Entertained this winter with Puzzle Games

One thing is for certain:  Winter is here.
And with that comes a pooch who has enough pent up energy to drive you crazy.  The days are shorter, colder, and a bit more gloomy...and sometimes those walks get cut short, or just don't happen at all.
We can help!
There a lot of toy puzzle games for dogs out there on the market: so many that you have to weed through them to get the ones that actually work: that are playful enough to make your pup want to play, yet not too confusing for them that they lose interest.

Even if you think your pup is a natural Einstein (see photo), they are just like the rest of the pack and aren't masterminding formulas just yet...but definitely need some kind of stimulation.

Puzzle toys are a great indoor solution.  

We've gone through many brands and types of puzzles and carry an assortment in store.  One brand we really dig are Our Pet's line of doggy puzzles.

They have designed three levels of treat puzzles, which your pup can graduate from each level...and even though you think your pup may be at the top of the class, it's always smart to start them off at a lower level:  these games are challenging, and giving them something to help build on will keep them interested all winter long...

These toys have three learning levels: Smart, Brilliant, and Genius.

SMART level:
The Atomic Treat Ball
For healthy play and exercise, Atomic Treat Ball® Treat Dispensing Ball promotes physical and mental alertness. Easy to load with treats and food, Atomic Treat Ball is made from safe and durable thermoplastic rubber.

The IQ Treat Ball
The IQ Treat Ball® features an insert that allows you to adjust the difficulty, determining how hard your dog has to work to get treats out of the ball! 

The Buster Food Cube
Made of tough, durable plastic, the Buster® Food Cube provides valuable mental stimulation and exercise. Your dog is rewarded when treats and food fall out...and you can vary how easily they fall out with a simple twist. Available in a 3" and 5" Cube.

These are great stimulation toys for your pup, and we're pretty sure you'll be happy that they're kept busy so you can enjoy your wine by the fireside and a happy pup!

Cyber Monday Discount!

Today Only!
We're partying pups online and offering a discount for today's "Cyber Monday"!
Shop online in our virtual store and save an extra 10% by using code FALAFIDO at checkout!
Don't forget too:  there is ALWAYS free shipping on orders over $50
Visit our online store now and checkout the grrrreat stuff for your grateful pup!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nina Ottosson puzzle toys in store!

Nina Ottosson puzzle toys  
These toys are designed to challenge your dog or cat, and make them work to get treats ... these puzzles are certainly brain exercise! 

Many of the popular breeds of dogs were created to work, and without a job they can develop destructive habits to release the energy they used to use to work. From retrieving game to herding sheep, these dogs need a physical or mental challenge that can be lacking, especially when the weather is too bad to exercise outside. Channel that energy into something constructive! Cats need brain exercise, too. Since they no longer have to hunt to survive, give them a puzzle to solve and they are much happier with the indoor life!  Available in store now!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Treats have filled up our shop

We have decked our halls with festive holiday treats handcrafted from us just for your four-legged best friend.  We have expanded our recipes, as well as kept some PUPular ones.

We're certainly having fun in the bakery this year...and all in healthy ways for your pup!
Remember, all of our ingredients are sourced from our own sustainable farm, or we have shopped local suppliers for everything we use.  We are serious about the health and safety of your pup's diet: and we make sure it all tastes grrrreat too!   
Grabbing a BARKer's dozen will always get your a free treat in store or online!

Sam The Snowman

Our Sam the Snowman treat is handcrafted right in our bakery.  We use stone ground whole wheat flour, turkey, egg, and turkey stock as our main ingredients...then we dip them in yogurt and carob and dash on a few sprinkles.
These snowmen may not melt, but we are sure they will disappear!

Vanilla Mint Candy Canes

A minty delicious candy cane! Stoneground whole wheat flour, natural vanilla, local peppermint and parsley from our own farm.
Did you know that vanilla, parsley and mint are natural breath fresheners? We have combined them in this tasty treat your pup will love...and you will love it when you get a minty kiss!

Chicken Snowflakes
It's snowing Chicken!  Well, atleast your pup won't mind...
We've taken our chicken recipe that has been popular through the years,
and cut them into snowflakes and decorated them up with a bit of yogurt. 
You're pup will be so happy that these snowflakes came out!

These are just a few of our seasonal handcrafted treats. 
Want to see more?  Visit our online store!

Monday, November 18, 2013

New Food In Store! LiveFree from Dogswell

We are proud to announce a new line of dog food at the Bakery! 

The Dogswell LiveFree line of dry and canned food is rated 5 stars by the Dog Food Adviser. 

It is ultra low on the glycemic scale, perfect for dogs with diabetes who need a very low carbohydrate diet. Potato and tapioca free, these recipes contain pre and pro biotics to aid in digestion! We can help you decide if your dog would benefit from a change to this food, come in and talk to us!

Happy Birthday Remus!

Happy Birthday Remus!
We're so happy to have been a part of your celebration! WOOF!

Visit our Gingerbread House at Great Northern Mall!

Visit our gingerbread house at Great Northern Mall to support Welcome House
Beginning November 18th and on display throughout the Holiday Season!
Our gingerbread house will be on display throughout the holiday season again this year at Great Northern Mall!  Wait 'til you see what Sue has planned this year!

We will also be set up there to sell our handcrafted treats:  
Sunday, November 24th from 12-5 -and-
Sunday December 1st 12-5
Join us!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Professional Pet Portraits Nov. 17th!

Professional Pet Portrait Day
Sunday, November 17th   
11AM-4:30 PM
Barbara Bowers of Equine Artistry by Barbara will be at the bakery for professional pet portraits! Barbara Bowers is a wonderful lady with great experience with pet photography.  
This is your opportunity to get your Christmas card pictures done! 
The sitting fee is $30 and includes a 4 X 6 print. Barbara will donate half of each sitting fee to a local rescue! Please call for an appointment, 440-353-1990. To see Barbara's work, please visit her website  You can see a gallery of beautiful dog photos!   

Monday, November 11, 2013

Stop in and shop on Sundays in November for a good cause!

Rescue Sundays All November!
Benefits Fido's Companion

November is Fido's Companion month! This is a very hard working group of people, not afraid to take on the challenge and expense of the toughest rescue cases.  Stop by and shop on Sundays and 10% of your purchase will go to this great local rescue! 
Learn more about them at

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Safety on those craft mart treats...

Just a little safety scoop for your pup...
Something to be aware of as we get into craft show season is what to look for in home made treats that may be for sale at these events. Whether you sell treats at a store or from your home, you need to be certified by the Dept of Agriculture. There should be ingredients listed as well as an analysis of crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber and moisture.

If you don't see this information, ask the seller. Also ask where the ingredients come from.  

A home made treat using cheap ingredients isn't any safer than a commercial one.  Please think twice when making your purchase, and get those snacks from a trusted source.

Monday, October 28, 2013

New Handmade LOCAL coats in store!

Fall is here and that means winter is coming! We are bringing in coats from two local craftswomen, Madeline of Terrier Wear and Jenny of Fargo Fleece. Both of these ladies make dog coats in various styles that will have your pup warm & cozy as well as stylish.  
They offer a variety of coats and jackets in different materials and patterns, these coats are made by hand here in Lorain Co rather than mass produced in a foreign country. These items are made with pride by people that care about what they do. They are warm, durable and washable and will look great all season long.  

Best of all, if you have a hard to fit dog, either of these ladies can make a custom coat just for you! We are looking forward to working with Jenny & Madeline. You will be impressed by the quality of their work!

Stop in to see what we've got in store!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


That's right, we'll hook you up!

Do you like to save money but hate to clip coupons?
Sign up for our mobile coupons! 
Once a week we will text you special savings opportunities on the things you actually buy! No printing or clipping coupons, no forgetting the coupon. Just show us the coupon on your phone and get the savings!  
Just text GDB to 87804. 
(Regular rates apply) We will not share your information with anyone!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Update from our Poker Run Event

It was a BEAUTIFUL Autumn day for our Poker Run last weekend!

The final count is in! Thanks to the generosity of our Poker Run Participants we raised $680.00 for the rescues! The event was a hit, aside from the last minute change in venue, let us know if you think we should make this an annual event!
After visiting all the stops on the poker run and collecting their cards, we all met out at South Central Park for a Pack Walk and BBQ.  It was great fun for all.  
 Here are just a few of the photos we took, some courtesy of EliteK911!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our yogurt dipped and carob dipped delectables are back online!

We're so sad to see the summer go.

 But what makes us able to deal with the season change is the beautiful cooler months ahead, the smell of spice in the air, beautiful leaves, pumpkins, and.... our dipped handcrafted treats are back online in our online store!

We can't ship such delicate tasty snacks in the summer time for fear of damage and melting while in shipment.

So, with this cooler weather brings our online store packed full with delicious seasonal and specialty treats. We've added Stella and Chewy's foods too!

Our treats online have a special "5 Pack Snack Attack*" option, saving you some bone$ and the ability to get a deal on more than one handcrafted treat! We've also added our BARKer's Dozen as an option online too! You can get 13 of any tasty treat for the price of 12!

AND we've concocted an UltiMUTT FALL PupPack variety of tasty treats in the form of a BARKer's dozen, so the 13th treat in that specialty pack is free too! We're looking forward to a beautiful and TASTY Autumn season just for your best friends!

*5 pack options are only available online

The Grateful Dog Bakery Guarantee
We guarantee our fresh baked treat ingredients are sourced from local,sustainable farms. They contain NO GMO's, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, salt, chemicals, or bi-products. 

A *new* herd of cows is IN STORE!

Beef and Swiss on Rye is a hit!

We've gone 'round and 'round with our professional taste testers and they all seems to have-a-cow over our our latest "Beef and Swiss on Rye" tasty snack!  We've managed to make a delectable gluten free dog treat that features pasture-fed beef and swiss cheese with rye flour.  Those that are allergic to wheat can enjoy this tasty snack, or others without allergies will be happy to munch on this snack and jump over the moon for 'em!

 Available in store and online.  Our online store features a 5 pack snack pack with special savings, or go for a BARKers dozen and get your 13th handcrafted dog treat FREE.

The Grateful Dog Bakery Guarantee
We guarantee our fresh baked treat ingredients are sourced from local,sustainable farms. They contain NO GMO's, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, salt, chemicals, or bi-products.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Join us for our Poker Run! Sept 28th!

Poker Run and Cookout For Rescues! 
Saturday, September 28
Starts at 3PM 
This event will raise funds for Love A Stray, Fido's Companion, Ziggy's Friends and Rescue K911. The fun starts at the Bakery at 3pm where you will collect your first card. Then on to Don Mould's Plantation in North Ridgeville, Gone to the Dogs Grooming Salon on Rt 83 and Elite K911 in no particular order. You will collect a playing card at each location.   
Then at 5pm on to the Pavilion at Bradley Woods for a Pack Walk around the pond and a cook out.   
There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the best poker hands.   
There will be adoptable dogs and pet related vendors, and a chance to relax and eat with people that love animals!   
$20 per person/dog couple, $10 per extra person, $5 per extra dog. All proceeds will go to the rescues. Please register by telephone at 440-353-1990.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our CeleBARKtion Cakes

We bake delicious birthday cakes just for your pup and their best friends. 
Perfect for Birthdays, New Adoptions, Obedience Training Graduation, or other milestone
events for your pup.

Our cakes are so special, we are sure they will bring you grrreat memories and tasty fun for your best friend!

Choose from the following flavors:
Peanut Butter, Carob, Chicken & Garlic, Beef & Garlic, Strawberry/Banana

Frosting Flavors:
Carob or Honey Vanilla
*We accept local orders only for cakes.
**Simple Celebarktion cakes must be ordered with a minimum 2 days in advance.
Custom Cakes require a 5 day lead time.

Simple CeleBARKtion:
Our simple celeBARKtion cake is a scrumptious treat for your special pooch. Choose from any flavor and have your personalized message written right on the top.
6” Round: Whole Wheat $14.99, Gluten Free $16.99
9” Round: Whole Wheat $19.99, Gluten Free $21.99
Custom CeleBARKtion:
Get a your birthday pooch a cake that looks just like them! This custom cake includes one sculpture and a custom mesage.
6” Round: Whole Wheat $24.99, Gluten Free $26.99
9” Round: Whole Wheat $34.99, Gluten Free $36.99
The UltiMUTT CeleBARKtion:
For those who are ready to really spoil, you can completely design your pup’s cake to fit their personality perfectly. These cakes are priced according to design. Please call us to make an appointment to
design the perfect cake for a furry fun celebration! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Closed today, Labor Day

We are closed today for Labor Day. 

Enjoy the time with your pups and we will see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yummy Yams!

And yet another delicious addition to our bakery snacks....

Our Yummy Yams are sweet potato and nothing but sweet potato!
Grown in the USA on sustainable farms, we simply dehydrate them at a low heat to preserve all those great nutrients for your dog!

Yes, we make them right here in the bakery! 

 These are a low calorie treat, 1 ounce is about 25 calories. Packed with fiber and vitamin C they are a great addition to your dog's diet!

5oz bag is $5.25 available in store or online!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Apple Treats are ready for snackin!


As a palate pleaser and teaser for your four legged furry friend, check out our latest apple snacks. 

Fall means apple season, so for your pup we have an apple treat dipped in peanut butter coating with no salt crushed peanuts! We are sure they will drool over this one, our taste testers sure have!

Available online and in store!

***Our new "5 Pack Snack Attack" prices on treats saves you some bones!  Only available in our online store!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sustainable Farms and Organic Farms

As part of our informative ingredients blog, did you know we, the owners of the Grateful Dog Bakery, own our very own sustainable farm? Many ingredients from our snacks are grown right on our own land.  We are very serious about providing healthy and nutritious snacks for your dog. As we blog about our ingredients, you will learn where every ingredient comes from!  If we don't farm a particular ingredient, we find farms like ours that are sustainable and free of chemical pesticides, and other farming methods that are not natural.

Local, sustainable, safe, and healthy ingredients are the ONLY kind that makes it into our doors and are baked into our treats.

What's the difference between a sustainable farm and one that is deemed certified organic?
There are a few select differences between the two, but there are also a lot of similarities.
For the sake of this blog, we thought we'd just pull out some points.

Sustainable farms are not certified organic but use organic methods of farming.

*Sustainable farms produce crops and raise animals without relying on toxic chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified seeds, or practices that degrade soil, water, or other natural resources. By growing a variety of plants and using techniques such as crop rotation, conservation tillage, and pasture-based livestock husbandry, sustainable farms protect biodiversity and foster the development and maintenance of healthy ecosystems.

Sustainable Farms are much smaller than those that are certified organic.  We are the farmers. We care and grow our own crops, bringing our harvest to your pups in their treats. Many treats out there on the market have ingredients listed that you can't even pronounce!  These ingredients are not proven safe in the long run, are made in giant factories, and, in our eyes, are just simply questionable. The amount of recalled pet food and treats is growing every year.  It frightens us to know this, which is why we hope that you read this, and become a little more aware of what you are feeding your dog and cat and make informed choices.

The Grateful Dog Bakery is committed to bringing you quality food and treats for your pets. Nowhere does that commitment shine brighter than in the treats we make ourselves. We start with the best and healthiest ingredients that we can  find and we want to tell you about them because it’s important that you know what is in your dog’s treats.

If you are interested in reading more about the differences between sustainable and organic farming, check out
*This information provided from

Friday, August 16, 2013

New In Store: Collar Doos!

We've got Collar Doos!

We now have Collar Doos! Hand made bows and flowers that velcro to your dog's collar for that special look!  This company hails from Columbus and they are flying off our shelf!  Adorable designs for both boys and girls!

Keep your eyes peeled, our inventory of styles will change with the season! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ohhhh Honey, Honey!

This is so cute we might explode.
Did you know there are super-good health benefits in honey for both you and your dog?

Honey is a superfood with natural antioxidants for good health. Do you, or does your dog experience allergies?  Did you know that eating local (let's stress the word local) honey also helps to prevent allergies for both dogs and humans? If you eat honey that is made where you live, you are naturally being exposed to the allergens in your area, in microscopic amounts... in turn, it desensitizes your body’s immune response. Pretty amazing.

We get our honey out of Creston Oh.  We add it to a lot of our treats to satisfy a sweet taste and still remain a healthy snack for your pup, and 

An excerpt from Whole Dog Journal that discusses the great benefits of honey for your dog:
"As long as Bonnie (her dog) receives her daily honey, she remains free of allergy symptoms. 'But if I forget for a week or so,' says Crouse, 'the symptoms come right back. I know several other dogs who have had the same response. They react to seasonal allergens until their owners put them on honey, and then they’re fine.'"

We make many specialty snacks with honey. Our Very Berry Muffins (pictured on the left) features seasonal berries with honey too! 

Other treats with delicious honey added: All of our carob treats, Haagen Paws, our cakes and cupcakes, lambs on rye, and our oatmeal biscotti. 

We, The Grateful Dog Bakery, are proud of the ingredients we use.
We're proud to brag about every single ingredient that we use to make our delectable snacks for your pup.  If those ingredients haven't come from our own sustainable farm, we have developed great relationships with local farms and suppliers to provide the BEST ingredient list for your precious pooch.

***We are not responsible for the excessive drooling your pup may produce when getting a good whiff of our treats***

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Christmas in July Sale July 21-26!

Christmas in July Sale! 
July 21st to 26th  
Stop in for great deals on everything in the store! We will have special Follow the Fish treats all this week for your pups! Not sure what Follow the Fish is all about? Read the next paragraph!
For those that have noticed our Perch sculpture in front of the Bakery you know we are taking part in the Follow the Fish Arts & Adventure Trail. This is a great way to support local artists and local businesses! Check out their website to see the events connected with this Adventure trail at and like them on Facebook to see what is happening each week!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thank you for supporting the Woof Walk and Cookout!

The final count is in, with your help and support we were able to raise 
$1026.00 with the Pack Walk & Cookout! 
Partners with Paws of Lorain Co. is matching 50% of what we raised for a grand total of 

Thank you to everyone that came and walked, that donated baskets and prizes for the Chinese Raffle and the people that volunteered their time to make this such a fun event! We could not have done it without you!
Here's a few pics from the event...enjoy!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We're baking up new seasonal snacks!

Baking up a fresh batch of cherry carob treats!

We are going to have new treats for your pups all summer long! By taking advantage of the great local produce we have available in this area we are going to feature special dog treats with seasonal fruits.

Right now we have Cherry Vanilla or Cherry Carob ice cream cone treats. The cherries are picked locally and are fresh when we bake them into the treats.

Cherry cones are delighting our pup customers!

Cherries are considered to be a superfood by many nutritionists, packed with nutrients and antioxidants you can feel as good about giving your dog these treats as they will about eating them!

As they come into season, we will be baking with fresh blueberries, peaches, apples and watermelon. We will keep you posted as to when these become available depending on the local harvest. Your pup will appreciate fresh fruit and vegetables as much as you do!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Is Vacation Season!

Summer is vacation season!
Herbal Supplements can naturally calm your pet without worry of side effects.
If you are going to be traveling with your dog or boarding your dog or cat while you travel, we carry all natural herbal supplements from Bach, Healthy Dogma, Ark Naturals and Animals Apawthecary to help with stress, separation anxiety and motion sickness!
As we come closer to July, plan ahead for fireworks or other loud situations that can stress your cat or dog. We carry Thundershirts in a variety of sizes to help  your dog cope with storms, fireworks or any stressful situation.
Our Golden Retriever Dakota wears her Thundershirt for vet visits and Thundershirtcar rides as well as fireworks and storms. It has really helped her to cope with things that are very stressful for her.
Have any questions about this, or want to talk to us about your pup’s anxiety issues?  Stop in and see us, or call…we are always happy to try to help you find a solution so your pup is calm and happy!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

UPDATE: Woof Walk and Cookout! THIS SATURDAY NIGHT June 29th, 6PM

Please mark your calendar for the Woof Walk and Cook Out for Rescues on Saturday, June 29 at 6 pm!
We have some amaaazing raffles baskets that local companies and supporters of this event have contributed to our cause!  You can purchase raffle tickets in our store this week, and still have a chance to win, even if you can’t make the event on Saturday!  We need your help, so please buy as many tickets up as you can to help us raise money for such an important cause.
Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5
Here are some baskets that we have available:
We have 4 tickets and a parking pass to a Lake Erie Crushers game! Linda McKenna of Petkneads donated a 15 minute massage!
We have 4 tickets for the Jet Express and 4 tickets for the Goodtime Lake Erie Island Hopping Cruise!
We have 4 tickets for the Jet Express and 4 tickets for the Goodtime Lake Erie Island Hopping Cruise!
Camp Bow Wow  Westlake donated a grrrreat basket of goodies!
Camp Bow Wow Westlake donated a grrrreat basket of goodies!
Thank you Paws & Pancakes of Vermilion for this yummy basket!
Thank you Paws & Pancakes of Vermilion for this yummy basket!
One of our distributors donated a Sojos food & treats basket!
One of our distributors donated a Sojos food & treats basket!
One of our local artists is donating a picture of your pet hand painted on a 6 X 6 ceramic tile. She works from your photograph.
One of our local artists is donating a picture of your pet hand painted on a 6 X 6 ceramic tile. She works from your photograph.
X-ta-C Toy and Treat Basket!
X-ta-C Toy and Treat Basket!
The bread and jam basket is people yummy! A jar each of home made strawberry and blackberry jam and a loaf of home made white bread and English muffin bread! These will put a smile in your morning! Thank you Chris Rozman for baking!
The bread and jam basket is people yummy! A jar each of home made strawberry and blackberry jam and a loaf of home made white bread and English muffin bread! These will put a smile in your morning! Thank you Chris Rozman for baking!
This beautiful Weeks Rose, called Elle is a beautiful pink with a heavenly scent! Thank you Don Mould's Garden Center!
This beautiful Weeks Rose, called Elle is a beautiful pink with a heavenly scent! Thank you Don Mould’s Garden Center!
This beautiful Silpeda Charm necklace was donated by Lori Casciani. Valued at $120 it is a beautiful donation! Thank you!
This beautiful Silpeda Charm necklace was donated by Lori Casciani. Valued at $120 it is a beautiful donation! Thank you!
And these are just SOME of them:  More in store: Westwind farms natural soaps and shower gels made locally in Lorain County, and even more pet baskets are being dropped off!
Please consider buying a ticket or two to help this cause.  Our benefit picnic is Saturday, June 29th, but winners of the baskets need not be present to win!  To attend the picnic: $15 per human/dog couple, $10 each additional person, $5 each additional dog. Please register by telephone, 440-353-1990.
See below for the deTAILS on this event:
Please mark your calendar for the Woof Walk and Cook Out for Rescues on Saturday, June 29 at 6 pm!
Last month in the course of one weekend our local rescues stepped in and saved 53 dogs and cats from a bad situation.
Taking in that many animals at one time is a strain on already tight resources. Please show your support by joining us at the Bradley Woods Pavilion, North Olmsted. The walk will start at the Pavilion and follow the path around the pond.
The cook out will follow at the Pavilion or at the picnic tables nearby. We will have hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad and everything else you would expect at an all American cook out as well as treats for the pups!
We will also have a Chinese Raffle for some great prizes.Partners with Paws has pledged to match what we raise with a donation of their own so let’s show our support for our local rescue groups!
Funds will go to Friendship APL, Fido’s Companion, Ziggy’s Friends, Elite K911, Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, Brown Dog Rescue, Love A Stray, Oasis and Second Hand Mutts.$15 per human/dog couple, $10 each additional person, $5 each additional dog. Please register by telephone, 440-353-1990.