Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our yogurt dipped and carob dipped delectables are back online!

We're so sad to see the summer go.

 But what makes us able to deal with the season change is the beautiful cooler months ahead, the smell of spice in the air, beautiful leaves, pumpkins, and.... our dipped handcrafted treats are back online in our online store!

We can't ship such delicate tasty snacks in the summer time for fear of damage and melting while in shipment.

So, with this cooler weather brings our online store packed full with delicious seasonal and specialty treats. We've added Stella and Chewy's foods too!

Our treats online have a special "5 Pack Snack Attack*" option, saving you some bone$ and the ability to get a deal on more than one handcrafted treat! We've also added our BARKer's Dozen as an option online too! You can get 13 of any tasty treat for the price of 12!

AND we've concocted an UltiMUTT FALL PupPack variety of tasty treats in the form of a BARKer's dozen, so the 13th treat in that specialty pack is free too! We're looking forward to a beautiful and TASTY Autumn season just for your best friends!

*5 pack options are only available online

The Grateful Dog Bakery Guarantee
We guarantee our fresh baked treat ingredients are sourced from local,sustainable farms. They contain NO GMO's, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, salt, chemicals, or bi-products. 

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