Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Protect your Pup this Fourth of July

The 4th of July celebrates the birth of our nation and is a fun holiday for humans. For dogs however, it can be very scary. 

More dogs are lost over the 4th of July than at any other time. 

They get frightened by the loud fireworks and run, bolting out doors and over fences. Make sure your dog has a license and ID tag on their collar. A microchip can't be lost like a collar can, but you do have to register the chip!  

Have a quiet place for your dog during the fireworks, the basement is ideal because it is more soundproof that the house itself.  

Thundershirts in-store and online!
A Thundershirt works wonders for dogs with noisephobia, the stretchy, tight fitting coat swaddles your dog and helps decrease anxiety. The Thundershirt works best when you put it on well in advance of storms or fireworks.  We also have all sizes of the Thundershirts. Since a good fit is important, you can bring your dog in to try them on!

Tranquility Blend
There are also herbal tinctures available to help calm  your dog during frightening events. We carry a variety of these tinctures, so come in and talk to us about the best choice for your dog.  

Be sure to protect your pup: keep 'em safe and sound, and let us know how we can help!

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4th of July is a scary time for our pups!

It's a scary time for our pups with all the booming outside, take a peek at this flyer for some grrrreat safety tips for your pup this weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Keep those joints happy!

With the warmer weather it is very tempting to head out with your dog and enjoy the lake or Metroparks. Just be careful to increase activity gradually for you and your dog. Strained and sore muscles are no fun for humans or canines.

A high quality joint supplement can help your dog keep moving without pain, and many vets are recommending starting glucosamine and chondroitin supplements when your dog reaches 1 year old, especially for larger breeds.

We carry a wide variety of supplements, from treats to chewable tablets. Talk to us about which variety would be best for your dog.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Don't forget Flea & Tick Prevention!

While there are many chemical and prescription flea
Click here to find out more!
and tick preventatives, did you know there are also herbal based products available? This is the third summer we have used them on the Baker dogs and cat and I am happy to report we have had no problems with fleas or ticks. The oral products are given daily so there is a bit more work involved, but it is well worth it to avoid the side effects of the chemical preventatives. Come in and talk to us, we can help you make the best choice in all natural flea and tick prevention for your dog or cat.