Tuesday, February 5, 2019

CBD Oil For Pets

I started hearing about CBD oil well over a year ago and started researching its uses. I am a bit of a cynic about new products and won’t bring something in to the Grateful Dog Bakery until I verify it through independent sources. What I found was that people either raved about how well it worked or said it didn’t work at all. Further research showed me that the best results were coming from a full spectrum molecule product with a high concentration of CBD per dose. The more I read the more sense it made. The full spectrum molecule is able to attach to receptors in the body and brain to relieve pain, anxiety and a host of other problems.

Once I figured out how the product worked it was time to start researching companies. While there are many products made specifically for pets I settled on the Clean Remedies Company for several reasons. Their product is grown in Oregon, organic and vegan with no use of any pesticides. The thing that really sold me on the product was that their pet product and human product are one in the same, simply packaged with different dosing instructions. Their product is tested by independent labs and the results are made public to verify it is what they say it is. Finally their staff is very well educated and happy to answer any questions in plain English.
I take pride in the fact there is no product in my store that I won’t give to my own dogs. Beau, our 12 year old golden retriever, has arthritis in his hips and spine so I started giving it to him twice a day. Ophelia, another golden, is storm phobic, so I also gave it to her for thunderstorms. I am happy to say she seemed much calmer with the CBD oil. Beau is more mobile, spending more time out strolling the yard than he has in the last couple years. Finally, since I also have arthritis myself I started taking it. I can’t say I am completely pain free but I am a lot more comfortable, especially after a long day at the baking table.
The feedback I am getting from customers is very positive. Dogs with arthritis are more mobile, anxious dogs are calmer. One customer giving it to her dog who was having seizures reports no seizure activity in the 3 months since the dog started taking it. Prior to that the dog was still having 1-2 seizures a week even while on anti-seizure medication. The owner will be talking to her vet about decreasing the medication dosage with hopes of weaning it off entirely.
All in all CBD Oil is a product I am confident in recommending.


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  8. Har du noen gang prøvd CBD olje?

    Ja, jeg bor i Canada, og jeg får medisinsk marihuana fordi jeg hadde et slag. Jeg har prøvd Cbd Olje i bladet skjemaet, men jeg fant det for grovt å røyke. Jeg hostet veldig dårlig (og dette kommer fra en 17 årig bruker av marihuana.) Men da jeg hadde CBD-oljen, var det som en ny dag på jorden. Jeg er vant til å være høy og glemsomhet, og giggles, og ikke vite hvordan man skal snakke, og være sliten og koselig og bare ønsker å krølle seg opp i en ball. Dette var annerledes. Det er noe i gryten som får meg til å føle at jeg er vant til. Men det er uten alle de tingene jeg har listet før. Jeg føler meg ikke høy, stoned, dum, ordløs og glemsom. Jeg kan gå ut i offentlig og ikke være flau. Jeg har ikke munchies. Det er som om jeg er stenet, uten å føle seg stenet. Det er fantastisk.

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  11. CBD can be derived from both hemp and marijuana. It is prevalent in both cannabis plants, and it is important everyone understands that they are not the same. The chemical makeup is different, but we will get to that…

    First- what is CBD? It is the 2nd most common chemical compound found in cannabis to its more famous friend THC at #1. THC is well known because it is the compound responsible for the high associated with cannabis. CBD, on the other hand, does not give users a high or have any psychoactive effects, but allows consumers to reap the health benefits of cannabis. Many refer to CBD as “cannabis without the high”.

    Now- what makes HEMP CBD different:

    Products that are made from marijuana, including oils and the flower itself (what you would smoke), can contain high levels of CBD. The amount varies by strain. Marijuana products containing CBD is NOT what is being discussed when talking about legal CBD in the mainstream. This type of product is only legal where marijuana products containing THC are legal (Colorado & California for example).

    LEGAL CBD oil (and other CBD products) as it pertains to the nationwide discussion that is occurring recently, is derived from hemp. Specifically, industrial hemp. This distinction is vital, as it is what is required under law to make it legal because industrial hemp has very low levels of THC.

    Industrial hemp legally contains less that 0.3% THC, or what is commonly referred to as “trace amounts”.

    So, the CBD products you would buy online or at a local health food store are legal because they are made from industrial hemp. Any time someone is discussing CBD being legal, they are ONLY referring to CBD made from industrial hemp.

    When people refer to the legality of CBD being a “gray area”, the confusion is because CBD is considered legal by the FEDERAL government. Several states have different laws pertaining to CBD that vary in nature from requiring a prescription to banning it altogether. Here is a complete list of those states and an explanation of what the law is there. Take a look to see if your state is on the list.

    I work for an online CBD retailer called Daintri, and we have an on-site Education Center with lots of helpful info on CBD that includes an article about the legality that goes into more detail. You can check it out here.

    TL/DR - CBD hemp oil is a health supplement in oil form made from industrial hemp, and is legal because industrial hemp does not contain more than 0.3% THC (the component that makes you high). CBD allows the user to reap the many health benefits of cannabis without the high.
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