Saturday, February 28, 2015

Herbal Tinctures for your Pets

We live in quite a toxic world. 

From food preservatives to chemicals in the air and water, you simply can't avoid being exposed to toxins. Your dog or cat is exposed to similar toxins that can have a profound effect on their health. 

There are steps you can take to help keep them healthy. 

A good diet, exercise and mental stimulation can go a long way toward preventing problems. Sometimes though, your pet is exposed to chemicals and toxins you simply can't avoid. 

Vaccinations, heart worm preventatives, or antibiotics for an infection are all examples of toxins that are processed by your dog or cats liver and kidneys. Chemicals in the public water supply such as chlorine, fluoride and other additives are also eliminated from the body by the liver and kidneys. 

To help keep your pet's elimination system functioning, there are herbal supplements available to support liver and kidney function in our pets. These are not meant to be used everyday, but can be an important source of support for your pets health when needed, after a course of antibiotics for example or after a dose of heart worm preventative.

The Animal Apawthecary Co makes a line of herbal tinctures designed for dogs and cats. They make two formulas specifically to help dogs and cats process toxins, to support liver and kidney function. These are Dandelion/Milk Thistle and Detox Blend
Milk Thistle Seed stimulates liver cell production, replacing damaged or dying liver cells. It also stimulates the gallbladder and kidneys, improving elimination of wastes and toxins. 

Dandelion root and leaf stimulate the liver to improve elimination of waste products and toxins in the blood. 

Together these herbal compounds can help keep the liver and kidneys functioning at peak efficiency, helping your pet to stay healthy and happy. 

Detox Blend contains additional herbs besides Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root and Leaf. Burdock Root to decrease histamine production in response to toxins stored in the liver, Alfalfa inactivates chemical carcinogens in the liver and decreases inflammation. 

Licorice Root is a blood cleanser, immune system stimulant and relieves pain, itching and inflammation. 
You will also see vegetable glycerin listed in the ingredients. This all natural substance has a sweet taste, making it easier to get your pet to take the tincture. 

A small amount of grain alcohol is used to extract the optimum quantities of active constituents from the cells of the plant, and is a necessary ingredient. 

Animal Apawthecary also has herbal supplements for senior pets, bladder health, digestive upsets or other problems your dog or cat might be experiencing. We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding which formula would be best for your dog or cat. 

We carry many of these tinctures in-store and online.  You can view them on our website by clicking here--> Animal Apawthecary in the Grateful Dog Bakery shop!

The information for this blog was gathered from "Milk Thistle for your dog" in Dogs Naturally Magazine and "Herbs for Pets the natural way to enhance your pets life" by Gregory L Wilford & Mary L Wulf 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sad We Lost Sinta

As you may know, the North Ridgeville Police Dept. lost their K9 Officer Sinta to cancer. Sinta was a valued member of the North Ridgeville community and will be sadly missed.

To celebrate Officer Sinta's life we have baked some special treats. Proceeds from the sale of these treats will be donated to help the North Ridgeville Police Dept. raise funds for a new canine officer.

Monday, February 2, 2015

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