Friday, August 2, 2013

Ohhhh Honey, Honey!

This is so cute we might explode.
Did you know there are super-good health benefits in honey for both you and your dog?

Honey is a superfood with natural antioxidants for good health. Do you, or does your dog experience allergies?  Did you know that eating local (let's stress the word local) honey also helps to prevent allergies for both dogs and humans? If you eat honey that is made where you live, you are naturally being exposed to the allergens in your area, in microscopic amounts... in turn, it desensitizes your body’s immune response. Pretty amazing.

We get our honey out of Creston Oh.  We add it to a lot of our treats to satisfy a sweet taste and still remain a healthy snack for your pup, and 

An excerpt from Whole Dog Journal that discusses the great benefits of honey for your dog:
"As long as Bonnie (her dog) receives her daily honey, she remains free of allergy symptoms. 'But if I forget for a week or so,' says Crouse, 'the symptoms come right back. I know several other dogs who have had the same response. They react to seasonal allergens until their owners put them on honey, and then they’re fine.'"

We make many specialty snacks with honey. Our Very Berry Muffins (pictured on the left) features seasonal berries with honey too! 

Other treats with delicious honey added: All of our carob treats, Haagen Paws, our cakes and cupcakes, lambs on rye, and our oatmeal biscotti. 

We, The Grateful Dog Bakery, are proud of the ingredients we use.
We're proud to brag about every single ingredient that we use to make our delectable snacks for your pup.  If those ingredients haven't come from our own sustainable farm, we have developed great relationships with local farms and suppliers to provide the BEST ingredient list for your precious pooch.

***We are not responsible for the excessive drooling your pup may produce when getting a good whiff of our treats***

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